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2013 Festival Partners

We welcome chocolate makers from across the globe and proudly partner with pastry chefs, farmers, and leaders in the artisan chocolate movement. Partner registration is now open for 2014. Please contact us if you’re a chocolate company who’d like to be a part of this year’s festival. Below is a list of the 2013 partners.


Caribeans Chocolate ∨

Caribeans Chocolate
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Paul Johnson, head chocolate maker, sources locally grown cacao, working directly with cocoa farmers in Costa Rica and Panama. He is known for flavorful inclusions of wild spices and local herbs in stone ground chocolate.
Visit: www.caribeanscr.com

Dandelion Chocolate ∨

Dandelion Chocolate
San Francisco, California
Known for deep and richly flavorful chocolate, Dandelion has won the 2012 and 2013 Good Food Awards for their Madagascar and Costa Rica single origin bars.
Visit: www.dandelionchocolate.com

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate ∨

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate
Arcata, California
Hand crafting small batch chocolate from Fair Trade cocoa beans, Adan Dick and Dustin Taylor are bringing the dedication of craftsman to the art of fine chocolate making as Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate.
Visit: www.dicktaylorchocolate.com

Divine Chocolate ∨

Divine Chocolate
Based in Ghana, the UK and the USA
Divine Chocolate was created to be a leader in ethically made chocolate. Through being one of the first international Farmer Owned Chocolate companies, Divine Chocolate has set a trend and a model for others to follow.
Visit: www.divinechocolate.com

Escazu Artisan Chocolate ∨

Fearless Chocolate ∨

Fearless Chocolate
San Francisco, California
The folks at Fearless Chocolate delicately craft 100% Organic cacao in a low-temperature environment to preserve maximum nutrition and the broadest spectrum of flavor. Delicately processed in small batches, they infuse FEARLESS with ethically traded superfoods to fashion deliciously vivid and dynamic flavors. Visit: www.fearlesschocolate.com

French Broad Chocolates ∨

French Broad Chocolates
Asheville, NC
"French Broad Chocolates is borne of an endless love of chocolate and a perpetual lust for culinary creativity." They make their handmade, artisanal chocolates in small batches with ingredients thoughtfully selected for their integrity. They have a food philosophy with a set of criteria that inform their ingredient choices and business practices, which can be found on their website.
Visit: www.frenchbroadchocolates.com/

Fresco Chocolate ∨

Fresco Chocolate
Lynden, Washington
Award winning chocolate comes through meticulous experimentation, as the chocolate makers of Fresco Chocolate know well. With variations on Roast Profiles, Conching Times and Origins, Fresco Chocolate is bringing new tastes to the palette of chocolate lovers.
Visit: www.frescochocolate.com

Grenada Chocolate Company ∨

Grenada Chocolate Company
Island of Grenada, South Caribbean
The worlds only Solar Powered chocolate factory resides in hands of the worlds first Tree-to-Bar chocolate company and 100% organic farmer owned Chocolate Cooperative. Winning awards annually since 1999, the Grenada Chocolate Company is a true vision of sustainable fine chocolate that tastes exceptional and positively benefits people and the planet.
Visit: www.grenadachocolate.com

indi chocolates ∨

indi chocolates
Seattle, WA
indi chocolate is a small, family owned and operated business in Seattle that makes high quality, great tasting chocolate and has a line of chocolate body care products.
Visit: www.indichocolate.com

Kallari Chocolate ∨

Kallari Chocolate
Napo Province, Ecuador
Kallari is committed to community viability and economic growth, through knowledge sharing, the preservation of Kichwa cultural traditions and natural resource conservation. The fine chocolate made by Kallari Chocolate benefits the farmers and communities of the Kichwa people in Ecuador.
Visit: www.kallari.com

Lillie Belle Farms ∨

Lillie Belle Farms
Central Point, Oregon
Winning Awards and making great chocolate come naturally to Lillie Belle Farms owner, Jeff Shepard. Known for an irreverent style of confection and chocolate making, Lillie Belle Farms continues to wow guests, judges and chocolate professionals year after year with exceptionally made chocolate bars and desserts.
Visit: www.lilliebellefarms.com

Lonohana Estate Chocolate ∨

Lonohana Estate Chocolate
O‘ahu, Hawaii
Lonohana Estate Chocolate is able to control their entire product cycle. They harvest the fruit from their cacao grown on the North Shore of O‘ahu,ferment and dry the beans, and then hand craft small batches of chocolate bars every few weeks at their factory in Honolulu. Due to their size and focus on limited runs of unique bars, they release chocolate six times per year to members of the Lonohana Chocolate Club and also at their factory. They are a unique kind of chocolate company – from seed, to tree, to bean, to bar.
Visit: www.lonohana.com

Madre Chocolate ∨

Madre Chocolate
Kailua, Hawaii
Six time award winners, with bars made from 100% Hawaiian Cacao and ethically sourced cacao from Mexico and the Dominican Republic, Dave Elliot and Nat Bletter, founders of Madre Chocolate are exploring and sharing techniques from the Cocoa Farm and great flavors in fine chocolate.
Visit: www.madrechocolate.com

Olive and Sinclair ∨

Olive and Sinclair
Nashville, Tennessee>
Bringing the Southern flavors and traditional food sensibilities into stone ground artisan chocolate, Scott Witherow, head chocolate maker of Olive and Sinclair is dedicated to small batch production and blending the traditions of the southern region of USA with great chocolate.
Visit: www.oliveandsinclair.com

Organic Fair ∨

Organic Fair
Cobble Hill, BC Canada
Organic Fair is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker focused exclusively on certified organic and fair trade ingredients. Located on an organic farm on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, they have been making delicious and creative chocolate since 2006 in their small super eco factory. Organic Fair is excited to bring their exceptional quality chocolate creations to the US for the first time at the Northwest Chocolate Festival!
Visit: www.organicfair.com

Pacari ∨

Pacari is an award winning, premium chocolate that is 100% organically grown, processed and made into great chocolate directly in the country of origin - Ecuador. Pacari is available in 28 countries around the world and is known for commitment to people and the planet.
Visit: www.pacarichocolate.com

Raaka Chocolate ∨

Raaka Chocolate
Brooklyn, New York
Good food award winner, Raaka Chocolate focuses on hand made, unroasted, stone ground, small batch "virgin" chocolate with bold flavors.
Visit: www.raakachocolate.com

Rogue Chocolatier ∨

Rogue Chocolatier
Three Rivers, Massachusetts
Founded by head chocolate maker, Colin Gasko, Rogue Chocolatier is widely regarded as one of the best artisan chocolate makers in the world today. Rogue Chocolatier specializes in nuanced single origin bars that exemplify region and flavor in exceptional cocoa beans.
Visit: www.roguechocolatier.com

Scharffen Berger ∨

Scharffen Berger
San Francisco, CA
America’s first contemporary artisan chocolate manufacturer, SCHARFFEN BERGER Chocolate Maker set out to craft the richest, most flavorful chocolate by sourcing the best cacao in the world, blending it in small batches, and gently processing it to maintain the subtle flavors in the beans. As the first American “bean-to-bar” chocolate manufacturer in over 50 years, SCHARFFEN BERGER Chocolate Maker led this country’s contemporary resurgence in artisan chocolate-making. It was also the first chocolate maker to label their chocolate with the percentage of cacao inside.
Visit: www.scharffenberger.com

Taza Stone Ground Chocolate ∨

Taza Stone Ground Chocolate
Boston, Massachusetts
Bringing the traditional chocolate style of Mexico to life in an exciting new way, using traditional Stone methods and stopping the process while there is still plenty of texture and mouthfeel in every bite, Taza Chocolate has revolutionized the modern chocolate bar and is recognized as a trend setter for ethical sourcing and transparency in their cocoa supply chain and cocoa farm relations.
Visit: www.tazachocolate.com

The Chocolate Conspiracy ∨

The Chocolate Conspiracy
Salt Lake City, Utah
The Chocolate Conspiracy, at the hands of it's founder, AJ Went, is dedicated to bringing you pure chocolate joy. With a focus on powerful organic, raw and wildcrafted ingredients, raw cocoa, raw honey and super food inclusions the great taste of The Chocolate Conspiracy bean to bar chocolate is a joyful experience.
Visit: www.eatchocolateconspiracy.com

Theo Chocolate ∨

Theo Chocolate
Seattle, Washington
Founded as the USA's first certified Organic and certified Fair for Life (fair trade) Chocolate Maker, Theo Chocolate produces high quality single origin, blends and inclusion bars. Always focused on staying connected with the cocoa farmers the company has numerous goodwill projects underway that benefit the lives of the people in regions where Theo sources organic cocoa.
Visit: www.theochocolate.com

Zotter Schokoladen ∨

Zotter Schokoladen
Riegersburg, Austria
Since 2004 Zotter has been a permanent license partner of FAIRTRADE Austria. Zotter uses fair trade organic raw materials in its products.
Visit: www.zotter.at/en/

Confection, Bon Bon and Pastry Categories

Arrowhead Chocolates ∨

Arrowhead Chocolates
Joseph, OR
Arrowhead chocolates are handcrafted in small batches, often using local, natural and organic ingredients.
Visit: www.arrowheadchocolates.com

Bigfoot Chocolate Company ∨

Bigfoot Chocolates
Renton, WA
Bigfoot uses fine quality chocolates, a wonderful caramel that is soft and chewy, and other flavors that are combined to help you day-dream about fun times as a kid. Their chocolates are Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Their caramel and chocolates are gluten free. They also use fresh roasted Macadamia nuts obtained directly from Hawaii.
Visit: www.bigfootchocolate.com/

Brevin's Solid Gold Fudge ∨

Brevin's Solid Gold Fudge
Astoria, OR
Brevin's makes absolutely the best tasting fudge you've ever tasted...they guarantee it! They've been in business for 21 years, producing chocolate to delight the palate and satisfy the most discerning chocolate lover.
Visit: www.brevins.com/

Blissful Wunders ∨

Blissful Wunders
Olympia, WA
His handmade chocolate truffles are created with all organic, all natural, preservative-free ingredients. He uses only the finest ingredients, including organic butter, organic heavy cream, and fair trade organic chocolate containing 65% cocoa mass from Columbia. He makes all his own fruit purees using fruit supplied from a local Pacific Northwest vendor and organic cane juice as the sweetener. All food colorings are plant based and purchased from an organic vendor.
Visit: www.blissfulwunders.com/

Carters Chocolate ∨

Carters Chocolate
Port Orchard, WA
Carter's Chocolates makes fine chocolates by hand daily using organically grown, single-origin chocolate rather than the commercially available bulk chocolates. Their permanent menu includes about 40 flavors of truffle and caramel, many classic flavors, some with a twist; some surprising flavors including beers, and some layered truffles. Visit: www.carterschocolates.com

Chocolopolis ∨

Seattle, WA
Located in the Upper Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, Chocolopolis offers you the opportunity to taste and compare over 200 bars of chocolate from 20 different countries made by artisan chocolate makers.
Visit: www.chocolopolis.com

Coastal Mist Artisan Desserts ∨

Coastal Mist Artisan Desserts
Bandon, OR
Coastal Mist specializes in a wide variety of desserts, cakes, pastries, artisan chocolates, special event catering and artisan breads. With over 50 years combined experience in the culinary field, those at Coastal Mist share a great love and passion for what they do. They make absolutely everything from scratch in their facility using the finest imported ingredients as well as the freshest local products our great northwest has to offer.
Visit: www.coastalmist.com

Chocolate Man ∨

Chocolate Man
Lake Forest Park, WA
Bill Fredricks “aka” the Chocolate Man has been teaching people how to work with chocolate for more than 20-years. Along with leading chocolate sculpture classes, tempering workshops, bon-bon making classes, and more – for beginners and pros – Bill has dedicated much of his time to community efforts like the NW Chocolate Festival, as an educator and member of the planning team, and as a founding member of the NW Chocolatiers Guild.
Visit: www.chocolateman.com/

Cocoa Tutti ∨

San Francisco, CA
Cocoa Tutti creates handcrafted chocolates and caramels utilizing housemade organic jams and marmalades and other locally sourced ingredients.
Visit: www.cocotutti.com/


Renton, WA
Argentinian bakery is very influenced by the Europe culture. CAKESBYCK is the only Argentinian bakery in the Seattle area. We are dedicated to prepare all our desserts with authentic recipes. Everything is made from scratch and fresh ingredients. We also offer the most famous Argentinian cookies "Alfajores", "home-made" dulce de leche caramel desserts and cakes.
Visit: www.cakesbyck.com/

Evolve Truffles ∨

Evolve Truffles
Bellevue, WA
Using a broad palate and over 20 years Professional Culinary experience, Evolve Chocolate Truffles uses the best quality ingredients and sustainably grown cocoa.
Visit: www.evolvetruffles.com/

Forte Artisan Chocolate ∨

Forte Artisan Chocolate
Mount Vernon, WA
Forte focuses on bringing to life the remarkably diverse flavors found naturally within pure chocolate and pairing it only with fresh, local cream and butter, adding only the finest liqueurs, fruits, nuts, and spices the marketplace has to offer. They never use preservatives. The result is a flavor profile that is both intense and pure, dancing upon the palette like a fine wine. Each confection is meticulously crafted to provide a full experience that thrills and satisfies even the most discerning palette with every bite.

Fran's Chocolates ∨

Fran's Chocolates
Seattle, WA
Dedicated to preserving the pure, clean flavor of chocolate, Fran Bigelow is renowned for creating intense chocolate notes with a seductive texture. Her mastery of chocolate allows her to bring out its depth and complexity by building layers of flavor that heighten the experience.
Visit: www.franschocolates.com

George Paul Chocolates ∨

George Paul Chocolates
Seattle, WA
We at George Paul Chocolates take pride in handcrafting Artisan Small Batch chocolate bars and confections in our Green Lake store. Specialty truffles include Bourbon Pecan, Velton Mocha, Mexican Mango and many more.
Visit: www.facebook.com/georgepaulchocolates

Hotcakes ∨

Seattle, WA
Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery crafts organic, classic American comfort desserts and other original and innovative confections. We were founded in 2008 by Autumn Martin with the dessert that gave us our name: Take-n-Bake Molten Chocolate Cake in a Mason Jar.
Visit: www.getyourhotcakes.com/

Intrigue Chocolate Co. ∨

Intrigue Chocolate Co.
Seattle, Washington
A simple chocolate ganache is at the heart of Intrigue. It is crafted from dark chocolate, fresh cream (or organic coconut milk), and all-natural flavor ingredients. Many flavors are only available seasonally as quality produce is available in farmers' markets or new spice shipments arrive at local shops. Some flavors only make a single appearance - ever!
Visit: www.intriguechocolate.com/

Jade Chocolates ∨

Jade Chocolates
San Francisco, CA
Jade Chocolates creates a sophisticated and luxurious tasting experience by blending teas and spices from Asia and the Pacific Islands into their line of chocolates.
Visit: www.jadechocolates.com/

La Chatelaine Chocolat Co. ∨

La Chatelaine Chocolat
Bozeman, MT
La Chatelaine Chocolat Co. is a dainty Chocolaterie based in Bozeman, Montana. Created by a Frenchman and his American wife, La Chatelaine strives to hand craft chocolates that are as lovely to look at as to eat.
Visit: www.chatelainechocolate.com

Raw Cha Cha Chocolat ∨

Raw Cha Cha Chocolat
Bellingham, WA
Raw Cha Cha Chocolat was born out of a passion to create delicious healthy food that is so good for you, it can be eaten anytime of the day, and so yummy that you'll want more! It is a sneaky way to get those who don't like “health food” to incorporate nutrient/enzyme rich food into their diet and a way for those health conscious to feel like they are not foregoing health for a moment of culinary indulgence.
Visit: www.rawchacha.com

Restless Chocolate ∨

Restless Chocolate
Seattle, WA
Restless Chocolate was started in 2013. Their focus is on experimentation as well as innovation. They strive to create unique and interesting flavor combinations.
Visit: www.restlesschocolates.com

S Chocolates ∨

S Chocolates (formerly Chocolate Affairs)
Bothell, WA
S Chocolates pride themselves on their creative and unusual chocolate products. They try to maintain their roots of traditional homemade taste while improving on some old favorites.
Visit: www.schocolates.com

Smitten Artisan Truffles ∨

Smitten Artisan Truffles
Smitten embraces the challenge of transforming culinary concepts into distinctive taste experiences. Vanessa, Smitten chocolatier, states that "Similar to an artist creating a sculpture, I mold and shape my truffles to reflect characteristics I visualize – unique and simplistic, carefully balancing the elegant and the decadent."
Visit: www.smitten-truffles.com/

Troubadour Baker ∨

Troubadour Baker
Seattle, WA
The Troubadour Baker crafts wholesome real food that makes your life more delicious. They have an eye towards the flavors of the world, respecting the delicious culinary traditions of all. Human touch is the most secret of ingredients, and to this end, all of their products are made from scratch in small batches and hand-formed.
Visit: www.troubadourbaker.com/